Database Management System

Get global cloud data compression database service for modern applications Pillar DB will help you overcome the challenges of conventional on-premise data warehousing in case you have many small and inert events. It is perfect for storage of data originating from IoT devices and telecom events․ It doesn't matter whether you're a developer or a data scientist, PillarDB will help you achieve the desired maximum data compression database without sacrificing efficiency and speed of read or write operations.


What We Offer

In essence, cooperating with Pillar DB, you'll see your return on investment when working with billions of records per day. Our team of backend professionals is flexible and ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market. Use Pillar DB's support and make sure that with the help of our experts, compressing large datasets and replicating across multiple datacenters is best-in-class.


What makes Pillar DB unique?

Pillar DBMS allows you to efficiently store and compress the data up to 12 times without compromising speed of write or read operations. It saves you time, space and resources.


High Scalability

PillarDB is highly-scalable to a virtually unlimited number of machines. The underlying technology scales up with your data so you can add storage as you go. New nodes can be added to life, without bringing down the whole database.

Data Backup & Restore

The DBMS provides mechanisms for backing up data periodically and recovering from different types of failures. This prevents the loss of data and restores the files that you have already lost.



Many local solutions are quite expensive or incredibly outdated, as well as not customizable. Know the best price in the market since the Pillar DB pricing strategy is quite flexible and customized according to your specific requirements.

Pillar DB is a unique interface and an alternative to the traditional Structured Query Language (SQL). We will help you add an abstraction layer that hides the implementation details of this structure.


Professionally Supported

Pillar DB support contracts and services are available for you to ensure you succeed in what you believe in.


Field-proven to compress 12x the size of original data


A fine-tuned compression algorithm


Support for Geo-spatial data and queries


Extensible intelligent features such as detection of geospatial points appearing or moving together


No need to have cold storage where data can be retained and quarable in real-time


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